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  • K. Virani, West Vancouver - "High quality and styling.  Didn't have my Après long before someone borrowed them!"  
  • J. Lee, Hong Kong - "Fantastic!  Got my MIKI's in time for a trip to Langkawi...sooo comfortable and crystal clear."  
  • Richard C, Bali - "The quality is second to none, but what really sold me was the clarity and brilliance of the lenses.  They actually make everything you see more clear and bright.  2 x Après + 1 DANIMAL" 
  • A Mah, LA, Hong Kong, Richmond - “Terrific!  I wouldn't have thought the MIKI's are made from plant-based materials, as they are sturdy and functional and conform to my facial features with great comfort. The lenses make them the ideal driving glasses with their UV and glare filtration.  Overall a 10/10!”   
  • Dean N. Whistler - "Love my new Cheakamus eyewear!  Perhaps the most striking thing about these glasses are the quality lens, perfect for cutting through our hazy (smoky air). They are the perfect shades for me in that they are not too dark so when I go into a low light situation I do not need to take them off, and in bright light keep my eyes feeling great. The weight of the glasses is perfect, wearing them for an extended time is super comfortable. Plus they are uber sexy, stylish."
  • Adam Stewart, Florence, New York, @adamjnitrox - "I’m a sunglass junkie and I absolutely LOVE my MIKI frames, arguably the most comfortable I've ever worn. With sensitive blue eyes, I wear shades pretty much 365 days per year. When I first saw them, I was taken by their classic look, and then seduced by S N O's eco-friendly and sustainable business model. They are an accessory I am actually proud to wear. The design and Italian craftsmanship are apparent in every detail - and then there's Carl Zeiss German lenses!  These are world-class shades for the sportsman and wanderluster alike. My MIKI’s are traveling the world with me through 6 countries over 40 days. They've seamlessly pushed my Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses to the back of the sock drawer!"
  • T Schmidt, West Vancouver - "S N O Après are fantastic!  What can you say?  Styling, perfect fit, and Carl Zeiss lens.  I can see clearly now!"
  • Jake Medwell, San Francisco CA - "S N O glasses have become my go to for fishing, skiing, flying, and just about everything else. No need to bring multiple glasses on trips anymore!  Also can’t get over the lightweight frame. They’re V dope!"
  • M McSweeney, Ottawa Canada - "STUNNING...Cheakamus, will treasure them!"
  • Viv Macdonald, Whistler, West Vancouver - "I got a pair of the Apres model, in tortoiseshell with bronze polarized lens a few weeks back. I absolutely love them. You can wear anywhere. They are very comfortable, stylish, lightweight and the lens technology is amazing. They also come with a sleek, low profile case, which is nice because they fit in anywhere.  Highly recommend."