S N O Mission

As Actionista's Our Mission Is:  
To design, build, & share sustainable, Whistler-class performancewear with enthusiast's everywhere.
And use proceeds from these sales to
PART #1 (the easy part):
      • Design - fuse Whistler's actionsport expertise and technical innovation with the Village's glamour to create fashionable, cross functional, personal wear & gear. 
      • Build - use progressive manufacturing partners and sustainable materials to produce Whistler quality components.
      • Share - use this exclusive webstore to get you the goods.  Direct.
PART #2 (the hard part) :
By creating epic gear and fashions, S N O can enable active, healthy lifestyles and a growing respect for nature.  With more activity and more respect from more people, more commitment and more solutions to save snow will follow...the snoball effect.
Saving snow is urgent and S N O will flow a balanced share of profits to pursue solutions to human-induced climate change.
 S N O is starting this mission by first introducing Whistler quality, apres wear.  These Canadian made, progressive components are built from quality, sustainable materials that look and feel great while telling others you care about saving snow. More innovative performancewear will follow, designed with purpose, function, comfort, and sustainability in mind.   And of course...Whistler Style.