The Past

S N O's history in Whistler goes back to when local BC boy and novice skier Drew Bonnell first checked out the Whistler scene and Alta Lake Logging Camp.   
In 1986 the confirmed adventurer, artist, and ski bum moved to Whistler and established a community focused silkscreen art studio in the new Village.
For the next 20 years, Drew's team created local original art and purpose-built, custom activewear while enjoying the epic skiing and riding Whistler offered.
Following are a few of the hundreds of local original art pieces hand silkscreened by Shirtprint Studios for the millions of actionsport minded visitors to Whistler.
Keeping warm and dry outdoors when skiing or riding was at the time a technical fashion challenge and focus for the crew in Whistler.   Innovative windbreaker and boiled wool sweaters, v1.0 mountain bike jerseys, and other early technical sportswear was designed to enjoy Whistler action sports.  Over time the trademark Snomotion emerged to brand the gear and fashions created.   
Snomotion harnessed input from local champions to ensure ultimate performance needs were met.   The goal was to share local expertise so anyone could enjoy a day in the mountains in style and comfort.  
 Authentic Whistlergear was born.  
Some local performancewear and accessories designed by Snomotion: