The Future

Forged in the DNA of S N O is an unrivaled awe and respect for our natural world.  A respect developed from sharing in outdoor action and adventure.
One lifetime of in-your-face outdoor activity is all that is needed to recognize human influence and climate change are seriously impacting our planet's long-term health.  
Snow pack is in decline, water resources are compromised, natural life cycles are in distress.
As challenging as it is, momentum is building to redefine business success to balance social and environmental priorities.  
Now is the time to be bold.  We will invest a balanced share of profits to save snow by pursuing solutions to human-induced climate change.  
While we are grassroots we have a big vision for what a collective spirit can achieve.   A collective spirit can change the world and drive home that it is not business as usual anymore.
If you love the Simple Natural Outdoors, join us by proudly wearing S N O performance wear and gear.  You'll know your dollars will have you looking and feeling good when out there adventuring.  And you'll also know you will be contributing to saving snow and our planet's good health.
100 years from now we still see snow on the mountains. 
Live well, challenge yourself, be kind,  engage life, and get out & play