F A Q's

1. Where can I get S N O Whistler fashions and gear?
  • The only place to get S N O luxurysport components is direct to you through this exclusive webstore and soon from exclusive partners in Whistler Village, BC Canada.   Anywhere else, you can expect the goods will be counterfeit.
2.  What does Founders Proof V1.0 Collection mean? 
  • In the same way a numbered Artists Proof series in the Fine Art world refers to the very first print run of an artist's work, our Founders Proof Collection is the very first run of eyewear. 
  • The proofing series allows the artist and/or designer to confirm materials, colours, and functional performance to ensure the end result meets with their expectations.
  • These small editions typically hold more value than subsequent editions.
3.  Where did the S N O logo come from?
  •     is the sustainable, luxurysport incarnation of the earlier SNOmotion Whistler brand and trademark.  S N O stands for Simple Natural Outdoors.  The stylized S & N represent gravity tracks and the glacier blue O represents our healthy blue planet.  Below are some work-ups done by Drew and son Alexander on the way to final design. 
4.  How much is shipping?   
  • Standard shipping and returns are complimentary: details.   Expedited delivery is available on a preferred-use basis if desired.   
5.  How long does delivery usually take? 
  • Exact delivery time is hard to estimate as it varies with different countries import and duty processes.  Our goal is to standard ship within 3-4 business days.  In normal circumstances, you should expect standard delivery in the range of 1-3 weeks. The USA can be quicker due to proximity to Canada.
6.  What's an actionista?
  • Actionista is a term SNOmotion coined back in the day to define those who sought out fashion style with actionsport function.   Actionista is a blend of the words actionsport and fashionista.  We are taking this one step forward to recognize action is required to address climate change solutions.
7. Great images, where are they from?
  • Images are a compilation pulled from various sources and historical archives depicting a Whistler styled lifestyle.  While we've done our best to ensure appropriate compliance of use, some may have slipped through the cracks.   Please contact us directly at images@SNOwhistler.com if you feel we have represented an image in poor light or abused any usage rights and we will address immediately.
8. Can I have my photo's displayed on your site?
  • Sure.  Just send us an email to images@SNOwhistler.com with comp's for our review and we can organize display.
9. How can I become a model for your fashions and gear?
  • Send us an email with your details to model@SNOwhistler.com and we will review and get back to you. Please note all models must be 18 years of age or older.
10. You're saying you did sustainable things and produced innovative gear...tell me about it.
  • With Shirtprint Studios we supported Whistler artists and the fine art silkscreen tradition.  We were early in recycling initiatives and using environmentally sound fabrics & natural dying processes in our in-house design and manufacturing activities.
  • With SNOmotion we designed first-gen technical wear, including base, thermal, and waterproof/breathable outerwear layered systems with Whistler actionsport styled features.  Snomotion technical packs and travel bags incorporated first-use insulated hydration sleeves, optic yellow interiors, clean covers, and taxi tie-down straps for adventure travel convenience.
11.  I have a unique product I think you would like.  How do I introduce myself and product to you?
12.  What do you mean by investing a balanced share of proceeds to saveSno.org?
  • means while ideally we would invest most or all profits to fight climate change, the reality is we need to keep our business running, invest in developing innovative, socially and environmentally responsible products, and reward our shareholders.  

  • In other words, balance and share profits between crucial business drivers, shareholders, society, and our planet, which is everyone's ultimate stakeholder. 

  • Triple bottom line - people, profit, planet

13.  Why didn't you use acetate in your frames like other hi-end designers do?
  • Great question.  Bit complicated, but the short answer is we are focused to sustainable, eco-friendly product development and felt the plant based frames we're using are more environmentally progressive at this time. 
  • This will change as advances are made and it's likely we will re-visit alternate frame materials in future, i.e. carbon fibre, acetate, etc.
14. How is S N O supposed to be pronounced?   I'm hearing SNO and S-N-O.  I'm confused.
  • We pronounce it S-N-O
15. What kind of Warranty is there?  
  • All S N O components are warrantied to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2years.