Welcome to S N O

Born in iconic Whistler, S N O is a sustainable design house creating luxurysport performance components for the modern century.  S N O collections are purposefully designed for women and men who seek innovative, sophisticated, and exclusive statements of style, life, and engagement.
S N O is all about the outdoors and in recognition of the impact of human-caused climate change is sharing proceeds to find climate solutions through the saveSNO Foundation.  read more...

The Past
S N O has a rich history of designing authentic Whistler fashions and gear for actionsport enthusiast's.
The first Shirtprint Studios was where Whistlerite's hand-silkscreened local original art on to sustainably progressive activewear.   This evolved to designing local champion-influenced SNOmotion Whistler branded technical wear and fashions.  read more...
The Future
One lifetime of in-your-face outdoor adventure is all that is needed to see human activities are compromising our planet's health. 
S N O is investing a balanced share of proceeds to save snow.  
Our mission is to provide Whistler-class performance wear so you can better enjoy the outdoors.
Our vision is to still have snow in the mountains in a 100 years!
Join us by proudly wearing S N O performance wear and gear.  read more...