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Emerald Forest

Limited Edition: 6 available

Emerald Forest is an original Valley bike trail known for its brilliant moss covered, forested terrain.   In early season sunlight the moss floor sparkles and shines like a crystal blanket.

In this spirt, our Emerald Forest shines in a strikingly classical, almost retro-style in crystal matte mocha and 2019's glossy violet fashion frames.  Designed for women or men with two Carl Zeiss Vision HD lens choices.  

Gloss Violet Frame / neutral Black HD Lens
Matte Mocha Frame / neutral Bronze HD Polar Lens
    • Artisanal crafted in Italy
    • Up to 80% plant-based frames
    • Prioritized soft-fit ergonomics
    • Carl Zeiss Vision Category 3 performance lenses
    • Slightly narrower sizing 57.14.135
    • S N O white gift wrapping
    • 10% of proceeds invested to fight climate change

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